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Health Professional Section



Organising a diabetic clinic

Early detection of type 2 diabetes

Achieving and maintaining glycaemic control

Lifestyle management (1): Nutrition

Lifestyle management (2): Physical activity

Lifestyle management (3): Smoking

Lifestyle management (4): Alcohol

Diabetes self management



Diabetic foot disease

Diabetic eye disease

Diabetic kidney disease

Erectile dysfunction and autonomic neuropathy

Macrovascular complications


Guidelines for referral to specialist services

Clinical trial abstracts

Forms and leaflets




This section contains guidelines for all members of the multidisciplinary diabetes care team in both primary and secondary care on how to manage diabetes and run a diabetes service on a day to day basis. They have been compiled by professional members of the Carmarthenshire Local Diabetes Services Advisory Group. The sources on which they are based include:

  • the landmark studies summarised in the Clinical trial abstracts section below

  • the International Diabetes Federation Guidelines (

  • the Scottish Intercollegiate Group Network guidelines for Management of Diabetes (

  • the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines (

  • other sources specifically referenced in each section

They are fully consistent with the recommendations contained in the Implementation document of the National Service Framework for Diabetes in Wales ( Although the guidelines have been specifically compiled for use in Carmarthenshire, with minor changes they should be generally applicable in any locality. These guidelines are intended to be reviewed on an annual basis.